General Comment


“From this course I’ve learned to give more responsibility for learning to the student.  I’ve learned to help student’s open doors to learning instead of opening those doors for them and shoving them in…Your course has been the best course I’ve ever taken.  You helped me change my view of the role of the teacher and got me excited to create new lessons using this inquiry approach.”

Jennifer Martin
Pleasant Hill Middle School, 8th Grade

General Comment


“I learned that sometimes teachers make instructional decisions based on incorrect inferences of what they think the students need or what they think might be “fun” for the students.  Like anything else, we must evaluate these choices to determine if they were really the best choices for the students we have now…I realize that we sometimes try to put teaching on “auto-pilot.”  We sometimes resist change, but reflecting on our practices makes us take a careful look and hopefully we will manage the time we have with our students better.”

Regina Peterson
North Vista Elementary, 6th Grade

Reflection Sessions


“[The reflection sessions] were my favorite part of the experience.  Being able to reflect with other teachers who had observed your teaching (or whose teaching you had observed) was a wonderful opportunity that most of us don’t get often during the school year.  As a new teacher it was great to hear validation from peers about the strengths in my teaching and it was equally awesome to get feedback about what I should work on.”

Brittany Frohnhoefer
Irmo Middle School, 8th Grade

Practice Teaching


“[Practice teaching] was challenging but also a great part of the class.  It was awesome to try out new things in a safe environment.  By doing the teaching, I learned how to adjust lessons to make them more inquiry based.  We really improved throughout the week.  I also value getting to see other teachers teach.”

Melissa Dissinger
Blythewood Middle School, 8th Grade

Content Sessions


“The content sessions were by far my most favorite part of the program…I thought I knew my content.  I learned more intricate details that I had ever known.  It will only make my teaching stronger and my students will benefit from what I have learned.”

Kimberly Hale
Sandhills Middle School, 8th Grade

Pedagogy Sessions

“After each morning [pedagogy] session, I came away with unique and interesting ideas in which to teach inquiry based lessons in my classroom.  Everything that was taught or demonstrated will be very useful in my future teaching strategies.  I feel I will be able to get my students to understand the subjects or concepts taught through their own discovery of the subject matter and as far as my part, be the facilitator of the lesson.”

Bill Jones
Gaffney Middle School, 7th Grade