USC’s STEP into the New Science Standards
Professional Development Program
2015 – 2016

About the Taping

The first set of research evidence needs to be collected prior to your attendance so we can establish a “starting point” for our research. We ask each teacher applicant/participant to be videotaped teaching an inquiry lesson. Please note: Based on privacy restrictions with our grant, only our staff is eligible to view the tape.The taping needed is similar to what is required for the videotaped lesson for National Board certification. We suggest you follow the same procedures regarding parental permission that your school/district requires for National Boards. A sample letter and parent permission form is available on our website under STEP Program at: We do NOT need these forms returned to USC; they are only to satisfy any requirements your school/district might have for videotaping students. 

The tape should focus on you and your interaction with the students. It is very important that the tape has good audio; so if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We ask that all video be reviewed for sound and picture quality following a taping.

Please mail the DVD, share the file through Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, or Private You Tube, or mail on flash drive prior to November 15, 2015 marked with your name, lesson title, standard, and date of taping.

*Please note: If you do not have the resources or means to have someone tape the lesson, you may contact Karen Campbell so that arrangements can be made to assist you. We are also happy to come and observe an inquiry lesson if you are uncomfortable with taping.

Karen Campbell
Telephone: (803) 777-2883
USC’s STEP into the New Science Standards
Professional Development Program


Guidelines for Video Taping

  • Tape should include a full lesson, introduction through to wrap- up not just a short segment of your lesson. Aim to give us at least 30 minutes, but no more than 75 minutes
  • Instruction of the full lesson should be completed in one entire class period (preferred). Note: If lesson runs 2 or more class periods/days, please continue to tape until lesson wrap up.
  • Instruction should be your best effort at using inquiry-based approaches.
  • Content for the lesson should focus on the SC academic standards and indicators.
  • Place DVD on a tri-pod at the back of the classroom or in a spot where the entire room is visible OR have another adult film. Do not hold the camera yourself or have a student film.
  • Do not stop filming at any time during the lesson. Important parts are often lost, and the viewer may become confused as to what is happening in the classroom.
  • Format preferred is DVD. Other options: USBs/Flash Drive, Mini DV, & VHS.  Share file on Goggle Drive, Dropbox, or Private You Tube with us.
  • If using digital cameras & mini DV’s, please remember to FINALIZE the tape when burning onto a DVD.
  • Prior to taping, run a sound check.
  • Focus of the tape is on the teacher teaching and responding to student questions & participation.
  • Review the entire DVD/tape on computer to verify sound and picture prior to submitting.
  • Label DVD with Teacher Name, Grade, Date, Title of Lesson, and Standard on top of DVD.